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Children Do Yoga

School Support Programme

Children Do Yoga

School Support Programme

Welcome to our School Support Programme 

Our School Support Programme helps to train a member of your school's team so that they can teach yoga & mindfulness classes to your school community.

As one of the UK's leading trainers of childrens' yoga teachers, we are passionate about helping children to gain the many benefits of yoga & mindfulness.

Recent studies from the USA and UK have shown yoga to help children be calmer, more focused and better able to handle the challenges of life with wide-ranging benefits for physical and emotional health. 

You can nominate one member of your teaching or support team to join the Children Do Yoga training programme. 

To qualify, your member of staff must: 

- Have at least a basic level of familiarity with yoga through attending a regular class or home-based practice; 

- Intend to teach at least one weekly yoga class either after-school or as part of the school day.


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What people say...

"I really enjoyed the course, it met all of my expectations and was delivered in a really clear, calm and nourishing way. I feel confident to start my own yoga classes and well supported for the future. I can't wait to get started!"

Tanya, London

"This has been a hugely empowering experience that's provided invaluable learning in a way that's been immensely inspiring and even healing and restorative. It was clearly structured, well rounded and promoted independent thought too, not just learning by rote. It was perfect, I cannot thank you enough" 

Jenny, Hove

"The course was extremely well paced and covered everything you need to know with practical demonstrations of the poses, age-relevant games, how to structure classes and earn income. I was nervous about doing the course but shouldn't have worried. It was inspiring, relaxing and very enjoyable"

Dominique, Brighton

"The training weekend was an incredible experience. Before it was a mixture of excitement and terror! But what you do is fantastic, your course is fantastic and the way you teach is fantastic. You're such a natural teacher and the course included so much inspiring advice. The words during the savasnas tapped in to my life so perfectly and I just want you know how deeply they affected me. I can't wait to begin teaching yoga to children, thank you!" 

Liz, Manchester

"This course is perfect for people like me who enjoy yoga but are not already a qualified instructor. All of my worries about learning the techniques and poses were quickly alleviated. It also went far beyond learning just physical poses to cover other aspects like promoting talk and having fun as part of confidence building and to benefit the mind. It was very inspiring and clearly taught." 

Claire, Hailsham

"I really appreciated the care, attention and feedback provided by Jess during and after the course. It means such a lot to know that this really is the right path for me. I’ve just booked three yoga teaching jobs this week so as of next week I will be running three classes a week with hopefully more to follow! Thanks again for being a truly wonderful teacher. I feel so lucky to have been taught by you."

Emily, Chervil, Berks

"This has been an excellent course. Jess is a wonderful, experienced teacher. It was very clear and it was great working in different groups while experimenting with different themed classes. I love the books and flash cards and it turns out I needn't have worried about having to be super flexible!"

Angela, Brighton

What's included in the School Support Programme? 

- Attendance at a comprehensive and fun two-day training course over a weekend in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Bath or Cambridge

- Teaching materials including two beautifully illustrated books and a pack of yoga cards

- Certification from Children Do Yoga and ongoing support from the course leader, Jess Wingate, who has many years experience in how to engage, uplift and inspire kids through yoga.

What's the cost? £89 all-inclusive

The Children Do Yoga programme receives support from the Tree of Life Integrated Health Centre in Brighton & Hove allowing us to make the course available at significantly below cost. The contribution of £89 is more than £300 below the regular price for attending the training weekend. 

Bookings & enquiries

Places on the School Support Programme are made available to a limited number of schools on an invitation-only basis.  

If your school has been contacted by Children Do Yoga and you would like to join please contact Jess Wingate on- 


- 01273 220159

We welcome contact from any school or teacher who would like to be added to the School Support Programme on future courses. Please do get in touch!

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