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Our aims

Each week our graduates teach thousands of children across the UK 
Here's what the children say...

"Yoga creates bonds, happiness and peace. It makes me free, like a bird" - Jhalek, Age 12

"Yoga makes me feel like a rainbow of colours" - Mimi, Age 8

 "Yoga makes me feel like I'm in a different world" - Cluny, Age 10

"Yoga makes me feel relaxed, like an Autumn leaf floating off a tree" - Anvi, Age 10

"Yoga makes me feel really calm" - Rahul, Age 11

"Yoga makes me feel like a beam coming out of a star" - Mia, Age 11

"Yoga makes me feel happy and relaxed" - Hattie, Age 8

Children feel increasingly stressed and overworked often with few ways of being able to counter the demands that arise in their lives. It's more important than ever for children to have an outlet to breathe, to become aware of their body in a non-competitive environment, and to relax.

When a child is encouraged to take breaks and find calm, they’re better able to reach their potential at school and to live a more fulfilling personal life.


Through practicing yoga children learn to focus, concentrate and develop patience, as well as building strength, balance and flexibility. And within the yoga class environment they learn that it’s safe to express themselves.

Children Do Yoga Teacher Training has been designed to make yoga more accessible to children aged 5 - 12 years old. It can be taught during the school day as part of the curriculum, as an after school programme, at a yoga studio or an alternative calm space.

The programme takes into consideration the special needs that children routinely experience and teaches how to adapt the yoga poses and overall class accordingly.

How "Children Do Yoga" can help... 

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