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FAQs - Children Do Yoga

Is there a requirement for any previous yoga qualifications or experience to join this course? 

We have two prerequisites for our course - first, we ask that each person has an established yoga practice by attending a regular class for at least three months so that they have a foundation in the essential aspects of yoga; second, we require that each person has a passion for teaching and supporting children. 

Please list your current yoga teacher/studio as one of your references on our registration form.

Does this course offer an accreditation?

Children Do Yoga is accredited by The CMA – The Complementary Medical Association - all graduates are recognised by the CMA.

Are the participants eligible to become insured as a children's yoga teacher once they become certified?

Yes, each participant is able to obtain insurance from a choice of nationally-recognised insurers. The cost ranges from £100-170 per year. Full details are provided to attendees. 

Are the participants offered a qualification/certification once the course is completed?

Yes, once the course and homework is successfully completed you will receive a certificate of qualification by Children Do Yoga, as endorsed by The CMA. You are entitled to display the Children Do Yoga and CMA logos on your own website and marketing materials. You can also choose to develop your own branding and use your own logo and trading name. There are no ongoing fees payable for using the Children Do Yoga name and accreditation as part of your marketing materials. 


What are the course start and end times? 


Each course runs from Saturday 8:45am – 5pm and Sunday 9:00am – 5pm; the timings will be confirmed as part of the booking process. Occasionally the course runs 9:30am-5:30pm in order to accomodate local train and transport timetables. We will provide you with details as part of your booking. 

What does the homework entail?

After the course there is one piece of follow-up homework which is designed to help you review and embed the content of the course as you transition into becoming a children's yoga teacher. Each person works at a different speed, but as a guideline we expect the homework to take +/- 20 hours. It includes a series of questions to create a chance for reflecting on different aspects of being a children's yoga teacher. There is one practical aspect which involves attending an adult yoga class with a specific purpose of reflecting on certain questions / topics.

You have two months from the date of the course weekend to get your homework turned in.


How do I know that my place has been booked on the course?

Your registration form should be emailed as an attachment to the course director, Jessica Wingate, prior to BACS payment. Your place is reserved when your BACS transfer payment clears. Places are available on a first-come first-served basis. 


When is early bird special available until?

The early bird discount of £50 off is available up until 6 weeks before the course weekend you wish to sign onto. Sometimes we have promotions on FaceBook where there is a code which extends the early bird rate.

I’ve never practiced yoga before but I really want to join in on the course. Is this alright?

It is a pre-requisite to have a regular yoga practice in a class setting leading up to the course you wish to attend. We do not expect or require anyone to be an advanced practitioner. But we do require each person to have a good foundation is the essential aspects of yoga. 

I practice pilates /swim/play tennis/am a PE teacher but I’ve never practiced yoga. Can I sign up for the course?

In order to create a good starting point for the course, it is a pre-requisite to have a regular yoga practice in a class setting leading up to the course you wish to attend. We do not expect or require anyone to be an advanced practitioner.

You need to establish your own practice so you can understand how practicing yoga makes you feel as an individual. If you maintain a regular yoga practice you will learn the foundation of yoga prior to coming on to the course. It’s important to be able to experience all that your students will experience - practicing yoga in a group environment - so that you can teach your sessions with authenticity. We require three months of regular yoga practice before you embark on our course.

I am having issues paying for the course all in one go. Can I pay in instalments?


Please email us with your specific situation and we will try our very best to work something out for you. Each payment will be non-refundable.

I’ve signed up to the course but I am experiencing a personal crisis / injury / other reason that means I cannot attend. I do not wish to defer my place. Can I have a refund?

As a general rule, refunds are not available as course material has been purchased, venues have been hired and all administrative decisions are taken based on how many people have signed on to the course and paid the fees.  At our discretion, where we are able to fill your place before the course begins then we will be able to refund your fees. 

I want to join the course but I am only available until 3pm on the first/second day. Can I still do the course?

All courses have to be fully attended in order for certification to be considered.

I am pregnant/ trying to become pregnant. Can I join on the course?

Due to the practical aspects of the course, it is not suitable to attend during pregnancy. If you become pregnant leading up to the course we are happy to defer your space to your choice of alternative dates/ venues. 


Can I transfer my place on a course to someone else?

Courses are not transferable between different people.

Am I guaranteed to pass the course?


We expect that every student who has the specified pre-course experience and who engages actively during the training weekend will meet the required standard and be accredited by Children Do Yoga.


But we reserve the right not to pass any student who- 


- is unable to demonstrate practical or theoretical understanding of the course content


- is unable to demonstrate that they will be able to teach yoga to children in a way that is safe, clear and engaging


- does not participate fully in the training weekend, and / or 


- does not satisfactorily complete the post-course homework 


If you have any concerns about your suitability for the course you are invited to contact us to discuss further. 

What is the email address I can write to for more information? or you can give us all call on 01273 220159 – please ask for Jessica Wingate.

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