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A career in yoga

Case Studies - build your new career

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The Children Do Yoga teacher training course is designed to give you all of the skills and knowledge required to become a professional kids yoga teacher.  

Here are some case studies of recent graduates who have put their passion for kids yoga into practice by starting successful classes across the UK.

"I was interested in teaching children yoga because I wanted to equip kids with the tools for better mental and physical health. I had worked in the charity sector for years working with adults with complex physical and mental health needs. I wanted to give children the resources so that they could cope with the challenges life threw at them unlike so many of the adults I worked with.

I had found yoga, mindfulness and meditation incredibly therapeutic personally and had been practicing for fifteen years. I’m conscious that kids’ mental health problems and obesity are on the rise and I wanted to help stem this tide.

​Jess is a great teacher and the Children Do Yoga programme was excellent training. I learned how to teach yoga to children and how to structure the classes. The course was well organised and it was clear what was expected from you. Communication was excellent, the venue was lovely and the resources were extremely useful - I continue to use them in classes two years later.

​After I qualified, I ran a yoga group at my daughter’s school for one term which covered the cost of the training. I loved it so much and got such great feedback, I set up a not-for-profit organisation, Well Balanced Kids ( Though I do offer courses and holiday clubs in the community, my main focus is teaching in primary schools.


With a background working as a fundraiser, I managed to secure funds to teach yoga to children in deprived areas and young people who wouldn’t access a traditional yoga class – such as those with learning difficulties. I now work with a colleague delivering low cost subsidised yoga groups to vulnerable adults and young people across Brighton and Hove, in nine locations. I left my charity job and just love my more active life. Teaching yoga is so uplifting!

I love teaching children yoga because the kids get so much from it. Children rarely get to be quiet and calm these days. Parents and teachers give positive feedback on the changes they see from participants.  The Children Do Yoga format works really well with a great balance of yoga, games and mindfulness. This is great training if you’re thinking of becoming a children's yoga teacher."

"Following many years of yoga practice which helped me find myself, I then wanted my children to attend yoga to gain the many benefits, too.  There were no local classes within my area - just a family class which was monthly that we started to attend.  I could see how much the children enjoyed it - that’s where I saw my vision - I wanted to take yoga into the local community & make a difference to those that practiced with me. 


I looked through lots of different courses & booked on the course with Jess.  The weekend was fantastic, I was nervous but Jess put me at ease throughout the weekend.  She answered all of my random questions & listened to any ideas I had.  I felt like I expanded my own yoga practice that weekend - I connected with a new part of me.  The whole weekend was so much fun & set me up with everything I needed. 


I gave up my full time directorship job to give Little Tree Yoga my undivided attention & 6 weeks after taking the course I opened the doors to my first lesson for children in my local community centre.  I now successfully run 5 lessons a week which often have waiting lists for children to attend.  I also work within my local community in schools delivering yoga as part of their day.  I have since expanded my teaching to teenagers & I have just been accepted to become an adult yoga teacher in 2020 although my main focus will still be on delivering my classes to children.  This last half term alone I was delivering my yoga classes to between 170-250 children per week! 


Teaching yoga to children is so rewarding - you see how much the children enjoy it, how much fun the children have & how much the children (and parents) benefit - the options are endless to deliver in a class & once you build your confidence you’re all set to go! 


Even though this is now my “job” it never feels like work, I’m always having too much fun!"







"I started practicing yoga a number of years ago initially as a way of finding some inner calm. It worked, and through yoga my flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness also improved.

My motivation to teach kids yoga is to share with them all that yoga has given me. I feel that now more than ever children need to learn how to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and that yoga is a great tool they can use to help with this. 

The whole Children Do Yoga programme was incredible from start to finish. I learned everything I needed to set up and run my own children’s yoga classes. The organisation from booking it through to the homework was excellent. The course venue was stunning. The course materials, the books,  and handouts, are of a very high standard.

The aftercare and ongoing support from Jess was amazing too, and after graduating I set up Yo!Kids through which I now teach children in a forest school setting, in addition to primary schools, a leisure centre and a community centre in and around the Whitstable area where I live. 

I love teaching children yoga because the classes are always lots of fun, the children enjoy yoga as much as I do and by the end of class the children leave happy, relaxed and calm. 

The children in my classes love the Children Do Yoga format I use and also the amazing books, pose cards and games. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to become a children's yoga teacher."

There are now thousands of children across the UK who are taught yoga each week by Children Do Yoga accredited teachers ​- join our friendly and comprehensive training course to begin an exciting new caereer! 

For bookings and enquiries please contact us via or you can give us all call on 01273 855833 – please ask for Jessica Wingate.

Dominique De-Light
Well Balanced Kids, Brighton and Hove

Jodie Henricksen

Little Tree Yoga, Cardiff

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Jess Croucher

Yo!Kids, Whitstable

Jess Croucher Yo!Kids Yoga Whittstable C
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